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  • Ever since I entered the CPayscom Online Casinos Competition and started this Blog, people keep asking me to tell them more about making money while doing SEO for casinos and poker.

  • As you all might now, the CPayscom online casinos contest started out as a competition to find the #1 Googler on the internet.Unfortunately for me, I ranked much higher in MSN and Yahoo instead of on Google. I have to say that this really bummed me out, since I'm putting quite some effort in this SEO competition.

  • Cpayscom Online Casinos - The Biggest Webmaster Contest

  • And these are rumors of more 2-3 contest! Wow, I should start working all! 03/02/06 I decided to convert this website to the Cpayscom online Casinos contest, and don't invest the BTDino contest because the prizes of course ;-) .So, before the converting, this website were placed on 6th page in the new contest. We will see how the rank will change...

  • There is another contest who very similar to the Online Backgammon Games contest, it called Echolist Directory.The Cpayscom online Casinos prizes are similar: 4000$ for the first place, and 200$ for any other website who placed on the first 5 pages.This mean is, that every month, the first place website in Google, will gain some money!

  • It is very small and very help. I will be glad to exchange links, even if you are participating in Cpayscom online Casinos or another SEO contest, like me.

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