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    • The biggest problem almost all online casino players have is that they all play until they run out of money.That is of course what every big casino wants you to do, but it's not the way it is supposed to work. On this site you will find everything that has to do with online gambling, casinos, gambling strategies and much more.Every game has its own strategy and the winning chances are always different depending on what you know about the game. That's why we are here to provide you with all the information you need to have to make sure that gambling, whether online or in a real casino, will never be a regretful experience.

    • Online Casino Sets a New Record for Progressive Jackpots April 30th marks a special day in the history books.Some of the most important events in history occurred on this day; George Washington became the first US President, Louisiana was sold to the United States by France, and the Vietnam War reached its end. April 30th 2005 marks another important milestone in our history, witnessing the biggest jackpot ever to be paid by an online casino.A 30-years old woman by the name of Cari M. from Tennessee entered the record books, winning a staggering amount of $1,853,850 while playing Gold Rally 8-line Slots at the Swiss Casino. The online casino is a member of the Winajackpot network of Playtech-powered online casinos.The previous record for progressive jackpots was also held by an online casino affiliated with the Winajackpot network.It was set in this passing January by Alex O. from Chile, and it stood at $1,031,270. Impressively enough, Cari M. record-breaking achievement not only marks the highest jackpot ever won at an online casino, but it also marks the sixth consecutive time in which the record is set playing Gold Rally at a Winajackpot online casino.Gold Rally has increasingly become a fan-favorite among online casino players.It is a progressive 8-line slot game featuring a Wild West motif, and showcasing two interactive bonus stages. What makes Cari M. accomplishment even more amazing is the fact that she had only started playing 3 months prior to that.
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